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Curtis Mayfield
Curtis Mayfield
Mayfield: Remixed - The Curtis Mayfield Collection

Original Release Date:  February 15, 2005

Track Listing
  • 1. Superfly [Louie Vega EOL Mix]
  • 2. Do Do Wap Is Strong in Here [Ashley Beedle Re-Edit]
  • 3. Move on Up [Eric Kupper Vocal Mix]
  • 4. We're a Winner [Grandmaster Flash Remix]
  • 5. Little Child Runnin' Wild [King Britt Scuba Mix]
  • 6. Freddie's Dead [Blaze Roots DJ Mix]
  • 7. (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below We're All Going to Go ... [Mix]
  • 8. We Got to Have Peace [Eddie Beaz Laid Back Mix]
  • 9. People Get Ready [Stonebridge Club Remix]
  • 10. Pusherman [Mixmastermike Pusher's Nephew Mix]
  • Mason Williams: Project Supervisor
  • Curtis Mayfield: Composer, Vocals, Producer, Audio Production
  • Steven Barkan: Mixing
  • Grandmaster Flash: Liner Notes, DJ, Remix Producer
  • Dan Hersch: Mastering
  • Maurice Joshua: Liner Notes, DJ, Reproduction
  • Eric Kupper: Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Keyboards, Programming, Liner Notes, DJ, Remix Producer
  • Shawn V. Lucas: Keyboards
  • John Mulkerin: Horn
  • Little Louie Vega: DJ
  • Johnny Pate: Producer, Audio Production
  • Mix Master Mike: DJ
  • StoneBridge: Liner Notes, DJ, Remix Producer
  • Ashley Beedle: Keyboards, Liner Notes, DJ, Remixing, Effects
  • Reggie Collins: Project Assistant
  • Luisito Quintero: Percussion, Bongos, Conga
  • King Britt: Keyboards, Programming, Producer, Engineer, Liner Notes, DJ, Remixing, Mixing, Soundscape
  • Tim Motzer: Guitar, Guitar Effects
  • Louie Vega: Liner Notes, Remix Producer
  • Gene Perez: Bass
  • Eddie Baez: Liner Notes, DJ, Remixing
  • Daniel Boom: Engineer
  • Randy Perry: Project Assistant
  • Kevin Hedge: Liner Notes, Remixing
  • Greg Fleming: Mixing
  • Cory Frye: Editorial Supervision
  • Yas Inoue: Engineer, Digital Editing
  • Kris Lewis: Assistant Engineer
  • Selan Lerner: Keyboards
  • Matt Hennessy: Mixing
  • Masaki Koike: Art Direction, Design
  • Tanya Welsch: Project Assistant
  • Darren Morris: Keyboards, Effects
  • Matthew Abels: Project Assistant
  • Julian Silver: Engineer
  • Brad LeBeau: Executive Producer
  • Kirk Mayfield: Liner Notes, Executive Producer
  • Blaze Roots: DJ
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